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How to Choose the Perfect Sundresses for Your Body

Sundresses are your go-to choice for staying cool and comfortable in the heat and humidity. Plus, if you can select a beautiful sundress that compliments your body shape, you'll stay super stylish all summer.

At Acheé, our team truly understands how difficult it can be to find women's sundresses that flatter every inch of your body and accentuate all the right places. We've put together the ultimate guide to choosing the best sundresses for your body type or shape. With all these secrets and tips, you'll always be satisfied with your choices from here on out.

The Hourglass Hottie

If you have an hourglass figure, your hips, and bust have similar measurements

with a well-defined waist. Luckily, you do not have to be too picky with sundresses; almost all summer dresses will look phenomenal on you. However, if you want to show off your curves, choosing a women's sundress that accentuates your waist is best. For example, a dress with detailing at the waist can subtly highlight your best features. You might like this white hollow-out mini dress, which is fantastic for a summer day. Alternatively, a fitted dress that emphasizes all your curves, like this stunning pink flamingo sundress, can make you feel confident and gorgeous.

The Astonishing Apple

An apple body shape has a wide waist, often giving a round appearance right at the midsection. They may have a slender upper body and long, lean legs. Since this is the case, drawing attention away from your tummy and highlighting those babelicious areas can be key. Consider a dress with a high waist that flares out over your abdomen and stops around your mid-thigh. The ultra-cute Jeanié dress is perfect for this body type. You may also want to check out this plus-size sundress, the Dottie mesh dress, an attractive option for a summer evening.

The Perfect Pear

Do you have a slim upper body with a heavier mid-section, hips, bum, and thighs? You are the perfect pear body shape. Finding the best sundress can be a bit of a challenge, especially since your upper half tends to be smaller than your bottom half. Yet, plenty of summer dresses can balance out your figure beautifully. Look for dresses that draw attention to your bust or neckline, such as halter, v-neck, or off the shoulder styles. Maxi dresses that flare around your midsection and drape nicely along your body can also be a great option. Better yet, combine the best of both worlds with this lilac maxi dress or this striking Khimmie sundress.

The Radiant Rectangle

A rectangle body shape, also known as the athletic body type, has a proportionate body type from top to bottom, with little curve or contrast. Almost all women's sundresses will look good on you. Yet, dresses that give the illusion of curves can be especially flattering. Take advantage of summer dresses with ruching or detailing at the waist, deep v-necklines, or patterns that create volume for either your top or bottom half. This colorful striped multi-color block dress is excellent for every day, while this Satina satin dress can heat things a little more at night.

How to Choose The Right Sundress for Your Body

When you're ready to start shopping for summer dresses, take these tips with you. They will help you select a clothing piece that makes you feel and look gorgeous!

1. Take Your Current Measurements: It is important to remember that our bodies may change multiple times throughout our lives. Taking your current measurements and finding the coordinating body shape will make finding a dress that meets your current needs easier.

2. Find Your Style: If you want to find an ideal sundress, make sure it fits your style. Women's sundresses range from cute and casual, to flirty and fun, to upscale and sophisticated.

3. Choose High-Quality Fabrics: Let's be honest; a sundress that feels good is just as important as a sundress that looks good! Acheé prioritizes both factors by creating a wide range of fashionable women's clothing that will always feel comfortable, whether the first time you put it on or the hundredth.

4. Consider Your Budget: You can find cheap sundresses that look flawless and feel amazing, especially when you shop at Acheé. We are committed to offering clothing and accessories at the best prices. We also provide ways to save even more through our loyalty and rewards program, free shipping offers, and regular discounts.

Flaunt Your Beautiful Body with Acheé Sundresses

The perfect sundresses for women are just a click away in our online dress showroom. We carry many styles and sizes so that you can find the best sundresses for your body shape. You can find everything from short jersey dresses to knockout bodycon to dreamy maxi dresses. With Acheé, you can feel confident and cool everyday of the summer! Shop our collection today!


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