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Fall Fashion Update: The Hottest Denim Trends 2023

Oh So Fabulous Flare Jeans!

70's fashion was exceptional, and thankfully, you can nab some iconic styles from that decade. One of the most popular jeans trend this season is the classic flare or bell-bottom jeans. Fitted from the hip to the knee, it's a fantastic way to show off your heavenly figure. Plus, that flare out to the ankle adds just the right amount of visual interest and intrigue.

Give the Gypsy Flare Jeans a try - they're soft, comfortable, and the perfect shade of light blue. Pair with a crop top or sweater for a classic, yet modern, take on the style. Or opt for a colorful pair of flare jeans like this Barbie pink number or these plus-size white jeans for an attention-grabbing look.

Damsel in Distressed Denim

Distressed jeans give Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants vibes simply because they look good on everyone who owns a pair. They don't only give you a cool and casual look effortlessly, they also attract the eye in all the right places. Needless to say, if you've been searching for a great pair of fall jeans, you must try a distressed option.

If you've never tried distressed or ripped denim before, we recommend choosing a classic like blue or black. It'll help you ease into this denim trend, remain comfortable, and stay confident. Take a look at these distressed blue jeans (also available in a plus-size version).

The Skinny on Fall Jeans

You may know that loose fall jeans are the it-wear this season, but don't be so quick to dismiss skinnies. They are still a staple in most fall fashion; you just need to add a little oomph to them - something that makes themes stand out from the crowd. Patches, patterns, and distressed or ripped looks are all ways to elevate the look!

For the more conservative, this pair of light wash slightly-ripped skinny jeans are a welcome choice. Yet, if you're into a more edgy style, you may fall in love with these gray-ripped skinny jeans or these plus-size ripped skinny jeans. Throw on a band t-shirt and a flannel, and you're good to go!

A Rainbow of Choices

Fall fashion 2023 is all about playing with colors, yet that doesn't mean sticking to monochrome! There's plenty of jean clothing hitting the runways (and the streets) that are ombre, two-tone, or color-block. These choices give you a unique opportunity to show off your personality and express your sense of style!

The key with bold jeans styles in 2023 is to choose one statement piece. It'll allow you to pair it with almost anything else in your wardrobe, even if you like to stick to neutral color palettes or plain prints most of the time. For instance, check out this sky blue color block denim jacket; it will pair well with just about any outfit!

The Miraculous Mini

If you have trouble letting summer go, never fear! There are ways to enjoy those last sunny days and still look on-point in jeans trend! The most popular? It's that classic denim mini dress or denim mini skirt. If you add sunglasses, some cowboy boots or booties, and a light jacket, you'll be able to transition from early morning chills to warm autumn afternoons with ease.

Do you love autumn colors, like camels, creams, emeralds, and rubies? You may not particularly enjoy light blue denim dresses or skirts. There may be a place in your wardrobe for a camouflage denim mini though - and you can even match it with a cropped camouflage jean jacket. Show-stopping!

Find All the Latest Jean Styles for the 2023 Autumn Season

Who can resist an exceptional pair of jeans or a statement denim jacket? If you're ready to find all the latest denim trends, be sure to keep your eye on Acheé's online shop this season. We add fresh, fashionable clothing options every day - hand-picked by our experts just for you and your wardrobe.

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