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Your Complete Guide to Women's Jumpsuits

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Spring and summer are right around the corner: drinks with friends, lunchtime picnics, beachside hangouts, romantic dates, and non-stop weekend fun. While enjoying these beautiful sunny days, you'll need flexible, stylish outfits you can wear from morning to night. What could be more perfect than women's jumpsuits?

or summer rompers?

Summer jumpsuits are one of the most versatile clothing pieces in your wardrobe. They offer comfort for many activities but maintain an effortless, fashionable flair. You can even dress them up or down to transition from the office to happy hour to night out with your girls.

Find out more about jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits below. We'll give you expert tips for selecting a one-piece and finding the jumpsuit of your dreams.

What Is a Women's Jumpsuit?

Women's jumpsuits are popular every summer season, as far back as we can remember. They are a classic, one-piece featuring a top (tank top, camisole, t-shirt, or blouse) with attached trousers or capris.

What Is the Difference Between a Jumpsuit vs Romper?

Summer rompers are playful, fun versions of jumpsuits; for this reason, they are also frequently referred to as women's playsuits. They come as a one-piece, combining a top with shorts.

How to Choose the Perfect Jumpsuit

Many women feel the appeal of a summer jumpsuit or romper, but they need assistance choosing one that brings out the confident attitude we all love to see. We've compiled 5 top tips to ensure you select the best jumpsuit:

1. Flatter Your Body Type

When picking out women's jumpsuits or rompers, choose a style that complements your body shape.

  • Apple Shapes: A plunging neckline will draw the eye downward toward slender legs. Detailing or pleating in the hips and tummy can help streamline the body.

  • Pear Shapes: A slim-fit or body-hugging top with looser-fit pants will balance out the body's proportions. You may feel best avoiding cinching at the waist and opting for loose or flowy fabrics around the lower tummy.

  • Rectangle Shapes: A jumpsuit with fitted areas can call attention to a particular site, or you can accomplish similar feats with bright colors. For instance, many rectangle shapes like to cinch in at the waist.

  • Hourglass Figures: A fitted jumpsuit or romper is optimal, highlighting your best features. Try avoiding a high neckline as it cuts the upper body off sharply.

  • Petite Frames: A jumpsuit with a wide leg elongates the body while a cinched waist balances body proportions.

  • Plus-Size Figures: Plus-size jumpsuits should have a defined waist to accentuate those lovely curves. At the same time, flowy fabrics and vertical lines can create a streamlined silhouette.

2. Consider Your Setting

There are plenty of Women's jumpsuits that fit specific occasions. Heading to a formal event and looking for an alternative option to a dress or pantsuit? Consider a well-tailored, fitted jumpsuit and heels. Looking for a fashionable choice for a night out? Try dressy rompers for women, adding a little lace, ruffle, jewels, or sequins. Need a simple, comfortable jumpsuit for lounging and hanging out with friends? Try a soft ribbed romper that makes you feel cozy and on-trend.

3. Dare to be Different

Summer jumpsuits and summer rompers can be easy fashion statements. You only need to find that special piece that stands out from the crowd rather than hiding behind neutrals and basic prints. Seek bright colors, creative patterns, or eye-catching designs. A striped color block romper or a cut-out stacked leg jumpsuit are exceptional options.

4 Always Accessorize

Whether you are wearing a romper or a jumpsuit, accessorizing is always important to elevate the look! While some dressy rompers for women add a belt for a sophisticated touch, you could purchase a belt or ribbon. Add a stunning pair of shades and a statement handbag to bring the outfit together.

5. Add Some Heels

Jumpsuits demand a beautiful pair of heels, especially if you opt for a wide-leg jumpsuit or flowy romper. Yet, if you purchase women's playsuits for summer, you could get away with a pair of fresh sneakers. Save the flip-flops or clogs for the beach or home.

Where To Find the Best Women's Jumpsuits

If you are looking for the best summer rompers and jumpsuits, look no further than Acheé. We are a top-tier fashion boutique offering high-quality and stylish women's clothing and accessories. We are already stocking our online clothing shop with beautiful women's jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits ahead of the summer season.

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Step into style with our amazing selection of women's jumpsuits! Shop today!

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